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Commitment from Wyoming PBS to follow the work of MC Poulsen's Yellowstone Waterfall Project has been solidified with PBS Producer Mike Gualdoni. Filming for a full-length documentary will commence at the start of Buffalo Bill's Center fo the West Spring into Yellowstone event. (Click Here)




Beginning as early as the late 1970's Yellowstone National Park archivist and historian, Lee H. Whittlesey, was already underway on a project to document the history of all the known waterfalls in Yellowstone (about 50). In the 1980's, park employee Mike Stevens began an independent mission to photograph all of these waterfalls. Then in the 1990's when Paul Rubinstein came aboard, the three began a new quest to survey as many of the previously unexplored rivers and creeks in the parks remotest backcountry as possible. They had no idea that their seven years of exploring the Yellowstone wilderness would yield so much new information. Below are examples of some of their discoveries.

















The two waterfalls shown: Zephyr Falls on the left are 300 and 150 feet high respectively. While Enchantress Falls shown shown on the right is nearly 90 feet in height. They are all located in Yellowstone's rugged northeast corner.


Yellowstone, it is said, contains roughly 50-60 waterfalls. Their research has turned up nearly 6 times that many. Here you see just a few examples of some of the more impressive Yellowstone waterfalls that have gone unsung until now. Some have most likely been visited over the years by adventerous hikers and backpackers, but to date none of them have appeared in any documentation.



















These two falls are both undocumented and unmapped. Not one word about them has ever appeared in any book, article, or map on Yellowstone. They have remained essentially unknown in a distant, remote alcove of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The one on the right drops over 100 feet, while the left side fall plunges at least 200 feet before cascading for 300 more.

Establishing a pattern as to where most of these new waterfalls are located is not easy. They are not found in a specific area of the park. They are everywhere. There is virtually no part of Yellowstone where they did not find an undocumented fall or cascade. And most intriguing of all is how many more must be still be out there waiting to be discovered.